Blank Fantasy Map by Ragir

Map of The Central Kingdoms

The Central Kingdoms are, in a sense, the very center of the world of Ethaia. It is largest of the three continents and holds three of the five Kingdoms; these kingdoms being Daei to the East, Nar’Gel to the North, and Teyra, in the center. The continent varies greatly in landmasses from East to West and North to South.

To the North, in Nar’Gel, lies the Falderest Mountains, the tallest mountains in all of Ethaia with some peaks reaching up to four miles; the tallest of them being Cragspire. These large mountains form very deep valleys and rugged terrain that only the Hyborians know well how to navigate.

To the East, in Daei, is the vast Temporah desert. The desert has claimed many lives and will claim many more. The desert is deathly hot during the day but at night, all the heat is drawn from the sand and the temperature drops considerably.

South of Nar’Gel lies the kingdom of Teyra. Teyra is the largest of the Ethaian kingdoms. People from all over gather here, mainly at the capitol of Tallonrow, because along with it being the largest, it is also the most prosperous.