Long ago, before the ancient realm of Ethaia existed, lived a powerful being. This being, whom we call Ayra, had the power to do anything he wished, anything at all. He had the power to create, to destroy; to bring life and take it as he saw fit. Ayra had lived forever and never questioned his existence, he just always was. But there came a time when he grew lonely and sorrowful and bored with his power, thinking to himself that his existence had no meaning, and that everything he created was just a tool of hi enjoyment. As he though this through, he wept for the first time, and his tears fell and formed a vast ocean of salty water. This startled him. He had never realized that he himself could be recreated and at that time he wished only to hold a new meaning of himself. Ayra began to forge his body into the land that Ethaia rests upon. He formed the soaring mountains , the thick forests , and the vast plains . The only part of him that remained was his spirit. With this he created life. He created the telops , the horses , the bears , the lynxs and many, many others. He then formed the four sentient races of man: Humans, Gypsies, Kale, and Hybr; and bestowed upon them the power of creation and destruction, the power of free will so they may shape the world as they see it. The only power Ayra kept to himself was the force of time. At last he felt his life had meaning; at last he could sleep and let the will of the realm of Ethaia run free.